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These Are The Things You Should Always Pray To God About When You Wake Up Each Morning

There are different religions in the world, some Christians others Muslims or Buddhist; it doesn't matter which ever religion you belong to, what actually matters is that we both serve the same God and believe in Him.

Always develop an habit of praying every night before going to bed and every morning when you wake up. Remember player works wonders and miracles. Faith can move mountains and there's nothing greater than Faith. Remember when praying always devote yourself to God and humble yourself before Him.

Here are some of things you can always request God through prayer every morning when you wake up.

1. Pray for good health

This involves your health and others too.

2. Pray for your day's plan.

Put God first in your plans of the day and they will surely go as you planned.

3. Pray for your relatives, friends and your country.

4. Thank God for your life, keeping you safe throughout the night and keeping your family safe.

5. Pray for quick recovery for those in the hospitals and the sick.

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