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You Are Cursed If You Do Against This Verse in The Bible

We don't wish to imagine of the word condemnation or curse. It is simply because nothing nice turns out of it. An individual who is cursed does not accomplish anything in life and if he does, he ought have confessed. But do you know what transpires when the Bible asserts that you are cursed? 

If we read from Deuteronomy 27:16, announces that “Cursed is he who dishonors his father or mother.’ And let all the people say, ‘Amen!’ From this we realize that the Mosaic ordinance was very apparent on how people are presumed to behave towards their parents. A thoughtful person will hence never disrespect his or her parents.

How will you show honor to your parents? It is by making certain that they are satisfied and happy. They(Parents) should not go hungry and neither should he lack refuge. They matter a lot in our existence. Remember a parent can forfeit anything else to make sure that his or her child has succeeded in life. 

It will be crucial to us all if we put the attention of our parents first. The Bible is very serious about it. I believe no one wants to be part of the said curses.

In my conclusion, this is important to us. What is your understanding over this topic? Kindly comment.

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