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Why Forgiving is Important As A christian

Forgiving is more helpful to the faithful person more than the person who hurt you. But first, you need to understand what forgiveness is. Forgiving someone means you make a conscious decision to let go of the hurt feelings of anger, betrayal and, vengeance towards the other person.

The first important thing you should know as a Christian is that you honoring God's will about relationships.

When you forgive you allow yourself to move on and start living in the present and enjoy the beauty of every day.

Forgiving protects you from doing something bad that could lead you to trouble as your heart is filled with vengeance towards the person who did hurt you.

Forgiveness will build up your mental strength, this way you will still look at things from a positive angle.

When you give your chance to forgive the other person, you will be able to understand why the other person hurt you. Whether it was intentional or not.

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