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President Magufuli's Last 'Powerful' Message During His Last Church Service in Dar-es-Salaam -VIDEO

"Praise Jesus Christ, Praise Jesus Christ" John Pombe Magufuli began his speech when he last attended a mass at St Peter's Church in Dar es Salaam.

During the service he went on to say, "I wish all New Year's because since last year I have never been here, I have been in the countryside, so I wish you a Happy New Year,", sentiments received with applause by the believers who had attended the service.

Talks of COVID-19

"My Christian brothers and sisters, we are in the middle of Lent, as Father Parish said. This is the first week of Lent and Lent has a great history even of the temptations of our Lord Jesus Christ."

“If the Lord Jesus was tempted for forty days, who are you and I? Who are you before the devil? Questioned President Magufuli as he continued to address the mass held on February 21 2021.

I continue to encourage my fellow Christians as well as those of other denominations and Tanzanians in general that our refuge is God.

"I am very thankful that the choir singers here when they sang they did not even bother to wear the masks because they know their God is greater than the masks. I did not say that those who wear masks are doing wrong, ”continued wearing them.

Watch the video here

"Brothers and sisters, many countries wear masks and you are the witnesses in the media, those countries are leading in deaths, thousands of people died. I did not say do not wear a mask, do not quote me badly but there are other masks that are not good. ” he went on.

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