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If You Notice These 10 Things In Your Dream, Know That God Is Speaking To You

We often encounter dreams while we sleep. Some dreams can be remembered whereas others simply fade away. Dreams are generally brought by God because it is one way He communicates with men. Job 33:14-15 that God usually speaks to men through dreams while they sleep. This way, God is able to pass across important information that a person may not have received while they were awake. Therefore, dreams are important and should not be entirely ignored.

The devil may also seek to manipulate people through dreams. When this happens, we may encounter attacks in our dreams which affect us. So how can you identify whether a dream is coming from God or from the devil? The following things can indicate that a dream is coming from God:

1. Doesn't violate the word of God

God honours his word and has chosen to glorify it above his name. Therefore, when God reveals anything to us through dreams, he cannot go against what is written in the Bible. This makes it possible to clearly understand the ways of God. It also puts us in a position to understand the dream because we can interpret it based on scripture.

2. The dream doesn't cause anxiety but enlightens you

When God reveals himself to you through a dream, you get enlightened. The dream does not cause anxiety but actually prompts you to act. It may be a warning but the Spirit of God will give you assurance and you will have a heart of gratitude rather than anxiety and regret. The assurance that it provides is an expression of God's love who chooses to reveal something to you so that you will not suffer. If you are evil you may be anxious but that should only lead to repentance rather than fear and regret.

3. The dream has an important warning

We may not notice when God is warning us about something when we are awake. Therefore, sleeping time becomes the best time for God to give us the warning through dreams. It is expected that we act on the warning so that we will not suffer because of ignoring the promptings of God.

4. It provides direction

The dream is from God if it provides proper direction. When God reveals something to us through dreams, we may take action based on it hence avoid any danger and mistake. Some people who were given instructions through dreams include Joseph when God Herod sought to kill Jesus. The Angel of God appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him to flee to Egypt until an appointed time (Matthew 2:13-23).

5. The dream doesn't drain you emotionally

There are dreams that cause you to lose your inner peace because they instill fear and bring confusion. However, a dream from God does not drain you emotionally. Rather, it uplifts and leaves you in an emotionally stable condition.

6. You sense a spiritual awakening

An encounter with God through a dream will cause a stir in your spiritual being. You will sense a shifting and awakening in your spiritual life. An example of this is seen in Genesis 28:10-22 when Jacob slept and saw a stairway resting on the earth with its too reaching to heaven and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it. This divine dream was a life changing experience for Jacob.

7. The dream gives hope

The dream from God brings hope and casts away any fear. It is God's nature to give hope to his children. Jeremiah 29:11 says that God has good thoughts towards us. They are plans of prosperity and not disaster.

8. It provokes you to act

A dream from God will often cause you to take action to avert any danger and bring fulfilment of His purposes. For example, God gave Pharaoh a dream that Joseph interpreted and they helped to save the generation of the Egyptians and Israelites as well.

9. The dream brings inner peace

A dream from God brings peace to the heart. It brings comfort and consolation. Like Proverbs 10:22 puts it, he blessings of God make rich and they add no sorrow. The same is true for a dream originating from God.

10. Clear instructions

There is clarity in the dreams that God brings our way. This is to avoid any form of confusion so that you will act on the dream based on clear instructions.

In what other ways can we tell that God is speaking to us through dreams?

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