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See Why Mosques Have The Crescent Moon And Star Symbol On Top Of Them

Just like the Christians who have the cross on top of churches, the muslims also have a crescent moon and star symbol on top of mosques. Muslims believe that the crescent moon and star is an international recognised symbol in Islam. The crescent moon and star symbol in Islam traces its roots back in 1453 CE when the Turks conquered Constantinople. Osman, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, had a dream where the crescent moon stretched across the earth and because their flag at the period had the moon symbol, they adopted that.

Osman took the crescent moon symbol as a good omen and decided to make the simple the mark of his dynasty. That is why some muslims today reject the use of the crescent moon as a symbol of Islam because it was linked to the Ottoman Empire and not the faith of Islam. Muslims believe that the five points on the star stand for the five pillars of Islam. However the ottoman's flag was not standard with the five points used today by Muslims. Because the Ottoman ruled most of the muslim world, the crescent moon symbol became associated with Islamic as whole.

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