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Pastor Urges Churches to Support Politicians

A pastor who prophesied DP Ruto's victory in the 2022 general election has urged churches to welcome Odinga to pray in church though they do not have his debt. According to the pastor, Odinga started going to church the other day but as well he doesn't contribute anything.

Here is a video link, watch from 40 seconds:

According to the pastor, he doesn't think any church has debt for Odinga whatsoever. He is clear as we move forward it's expected that most of the churches will back the deputy president William Ruto owing to his massive contributions to the church fraternity for a longtime now.

The pastor is clear some of the leaders have just started going to church after realizing it's an election time though they never did it previously. He opines that it's clear we have some of the churches that have focused on supporting Odinga who has contributed not a cent to the church.

The pastor wants all churches to support a person who has shown some interest in them rather than others who have completely failed to do anything whatsoever. The pastor is clear he has never seen a single shilling from Odinga but has seen DP Ruto contribute a lot to the growth of the church.

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