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You want to please God as a young man? Read this.

In this modern world where there's a lot of evil activities going on,it's difficult for youths to walk in the dear of the Lord.

But, however much this stands as an excuse to them,it will not cause them escape the judgement of God if they do not walk in His fear.

In the Bible, Timothy was also a young man but he strived to please his master who is God.He opted to put aside all worldly desires and youthful lusts for the sake of Jesus Christ the savior.

Below are the important points that can help a young man who is a born again Christian to please God the creator.

1). Watch out your company or your friends.

-Be choosy when it comes to friendship.If a friend causes you to sin,cut off that friendship.It is better for you to lose friends here than to lose your soul.

2).Seek God's direction in every decision you make.

3).Walk according to the ways of the Lord.

-Every time try to find out what is the will of God on how you dress,how you talk,how you eat and how you relate with people.

This you can only learn when you walk with people who are going the same direction with you.

4). Separate yourself from false brothers and sisters.

These are the people known as goats in the sheep's skin.They are being used by the devil to lure others into sin.

They are the people who never accept correction,they rebel and they are proud.Separate from them.

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