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Astrology Divination


Start Your Day With Prayer And Receive Your blessings from The Almighty.

Master, gradually You are getting past my dumbfounded psyche to show me another pragmatic idea about carrying on with a daily existence satisfying to You. 

Master Jesus, I realize You said that in this world we would experience difficulties, however for reasons unknown, I truly thought there would be less issues as I matured, that I would get astute. In any case, life turns out to be more confounded. 

I wonder, Lord, is it since You need to continually advise us that this world isn't our home… that we are paradise bound? 

So often I fail to remember that individuals, conditions or things can't give me joy; no one but You can. I understand since my demoralization can be a result of the absence of confiding in You. 

This day, Lord, I implore that You will empower me to believe You each time an issue emerges. At whatever point I get pushed, remind me to turn my eyes on You and Your adequacy. My assistance comes from You, Lord. Amen

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Master Jesus


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