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What Happened In The Bible When Angels Interbred With Men

Many of us were taught that the Angels were thrown from Heaven by God, when the devil, Lucifer, wanted to over throw God's Authority in heaven. Michael fought them and won against the devil. But according to Genesis the story was different.

After the floods during the time of Noah which fell upon the world for forty days and night. This was due to sinful acts that human beings had committed. God seeing how holy Noah was he pitied him, so as to enable that his creations were not wiped out of earth.

According to Genesis, 6:1-4 sons of God saw that human beings were very beautiful and therefore came to the world and married them. They sirex gigantic men known as Nephilim, they were more taller and huge than any other man that had ever existed in the world.

Some scientist and theologist however suggest that the sons of God were the descendants of Cain, since they are holy according to Jewish traditions who intermarried with the offsprings of Seth giving birth to Sethites, but the book of Job refers the sons of God as the Angels.

It is said that the giants in Jericho, were the descendants of this act.

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