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Duale Defends The Clip Circulating, Quotes A Chapter In Quran Requiring Women To Wear Hijab

The cabinet secretary incharge of Defence Adan Duale has finally responded to the clip circulating online claiming it has been misinterpreted. He was keen to note that he will not be swayed since he is a strong Muslim who believes in the holy Quran.

He was keen to note that he is unapologetically a Muslim and well stand with the faith until those destroying it come to the right practices. He was ken to note that chapter thirty three and verse nine of Quran requires a woman to cover her entire body even the ears using the piece of cloth covering her body. He mentioned that she ears, kneck and the upper part of the Bossom of Women are supposed to be covered at all times.

Duale went ahead to note that he must protect the entire Muslim community that has been persecuted for a long time all over the world. He revealed that those that are hiding within the religion must be expelled or follow the teachings of the religion to the letter. This will be a game changer if how Muslims are viewed by other communities in the world.

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