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What Happens When You Do Not Pray

Praying is a simple thing to do, but many people fail to receive the benefits of praying because they don't pray at all. Prayer as we are taught in church, is a means of communication with our heavenly father God, this is true. You can pray in times of trouble to ask for help, in times of joy to give thanks and when you make prayers a daily routine, blessings will always be upon you because you tend to create a strong relationship with God.

According to me, prayer is a two way traffic, that is when we pray we also get to hear God's will in our lives. So what happens when you don't pray?

First of all you don't receive what we need. Yes the Bible tells us "ask and it shall be given on to us, knock and the door shall be opened" so when we don't pray to ask from our heavenly father we don't receive what we wish to have in our lives. Just making that special request to God can work wonders in our lives.

Secondly when we fail to pray we tend to be in alot of trouble. Have you ever asked yourself why robbery and stealing happens, it's because when people don't have what they want they covet and even fight to get what they want for themselves, this obviously lands us into trouble. But when you pray and give this request to God, he surely knows you better than you know yourself, he will give you more than you pray for, remember king Solomon who only asked for wisdom but our heavenly father God gave him more than that.

Lastly when you don't pray you distance yourself from God, yes when you don't communicate with someone you break that special bond you had together, this is the same case when we fail to pray. So my advice to everyone out there is, we should make prayers our daily routine and God will fulfill our hearts desires.

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