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Husband and wife relationship

My Husband Once Removed His Shoes Gave Them to the Pastor and Walked Barefoot, Rachel Ruto Reveals

According to Rachel Ruto, the deputy president William Ruto is one person who touches his heart in many ways. She reveals of his humble beginnings and where they started from nowhere given they clearly started from scratch and even affording clothes was nothing but a tall order.

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According to Rachel Ruto, she has come to know her husband as a giver and a person who doesn't give up especially in matters the church. She reveals that Ruto has been at the forefront to ensure those vulnerable can be uplifted.

According to Rachel Ruto, it's clear she is highly concerned of her husband given he has come from scratch to the place that he is today. She affirms that as things stand the deputy president William Ruto has reached where he is today because of the grace of God as well sheer hard work.

Rachel Ruto is clear that the deputy president William Ruto is a person who once walked without shoes as well at some point he could even not afford Christmas clothes. However according to her, he has made it to be the person he is today because of the might hand of God who has seen her family through.

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