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Five Things That Satan Wants From You

Satan is the God's number One. There is a spiritual battle between God and Satan in winning Humanity. Although Satan was once an angel in the kingdom of God, he is working to destroy life of humans by all means. There are five things that Satan wants to see in humanity.

1. Satan wants you to live in fear

Fear is misplacement of faith. Satan wants you to have faith in anything else but not God. Just like happiness and joy makes you happy, fear is the happiness of Satan.

2. Satan wants you to doubt God

Satan tempted Thomas to doubt the resurrection of Jesus Christ. When devil tempts you to doubt God, don't allow your circumstances determine your God. Love your God with all your heart.

3. Wants you to feel insecure

Devil wants to see you feel hopeless and without God. He instills fear and feeling of no God.

4. Satan wants you to avoid going to church

Church is the house of God. It is where the followers of God pray and worship their heavenly father. When God is praised Satan and his followers are not happy. Always dismiss thoughts that questions the reality and existence of God because they are from satanic kingdom.

5. Wants you to fail

The devil laughs when humans fail. When he wants to see failure in your life. He celebrates your failure to worship and praise your God

6. Satan loves to see you suffer

Suffering the fruits of satanic kingdom. When people suffer, it is achievement of its kingdom.

7. Satan wants you be or follow false prophets

The work of false prophets is to expand the kingdom of Satan. Satan is working through them to achieve his desires and accomplish his mission.

8. For you to feel sick

The devil is not happy to see you working hard for your life and especially towards uplifting the kingdom of God. Lucifer will send diseases to attack you so that you questions your God. Always pray to defeat this powerful enemy called Satan.

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