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Pope Francis Break The Silence And Reveals The Follow About Abortion And Begs All Bishops To Do This

In different countries around the world, abortion is a crime. Furthermore, many churches have been condemning these behaviours whereby some people abort and dump their babies in different places. These cases should be condemned and all suspects should be arrested immediately.

According to the source, Pope Francis have broke the silence today and begged all Catholics bishops from US to avoid being politicians . Furthermore, Pope Francis have revealed that abortion is murder. I quote his statement from the source, "abortion is murder.. Those who carry out abortions kills." Pope Francis revealed these news to all people around the world.

This comes in after some people from US Have been struggling to legalize abortion. Furthermore, let us come together and condemn these acts of killing innocent children through abortion. We should respect our bodies and God will bless us.

Remember to sanitize and follow all guidelines from the ministry of health because Covid-19 is real.

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