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Revealed: Ambrose Discloses What They Wear Inside Freemasons Hall, as Well as Their Favorite Verses

Kenyans were exposed to one of the most terrifying accounts of the mysteries surrounding the members of the Freemansons. In a forthright interview with NTV, Ambrose Rachier, one of the members who has openly announced his membership as a freemason, answered a number of questions about the existence of the most secret society.

Ambrose stated that they normally wear suits and aprons when attending meetings and services inside their private hall. He stated that they wear aprons because they are associated with builders who build.

He stated that, while they do not call or mention the name of Jesus Christ while in their halls, they do have a church march once in a while where they preach and read from the Bible. He disclosed that one of their favorite biblical texts is from King Solomon, who constructed a temple in Jerusalem for God. He stated that they admire King Solomon because they, too, are builders.

"We have muslims, christians in freemason." He said.

He also mentioned that they read Genesis, Leviticus, and Exodus. While dispelling worries and tales that Freemasons worship the devil, Ambrose stated that they do not worship the devil and that there are many Christians, Muslims, atheists, and other members of many groups who are members of Freemasonry.

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