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Sultana:Mejja Jabali to offer sacrifice for the sake of his wife. Here is the sacrifice

Bi ua has been going through alot about her wealth but everyone thinks that she is mad but she is not mad. She has been behaving like a mad lady by carrying a doll saying that it is her babygirl that she gave birth to. In real sense Bi ua gave birth to a girl but Azia and Bi Salama interchanged the babies because Mejja a boy who will inherit his properties.

Due to Ua's condition mejja decided to inject her sleeping dose so that she can sleep and allow him to think what to do next. When Asia was cleaning Mejja's bedroom he came in and Azia told him that his wife is still in the same condition and there is no change at all

Mejja looked at His wife and said that every day his hopes for his wife are diminishing day by day. He said that his wife understood so much when he needed a heir and despite her condition she decided to gave him. He said that he cannot allow his wife to suffer again but he will make a sacrifice for her Betterment. According to you what sacrifice is he going to offered,, is it his house or human sacrifice? Share your thoughts.

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