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Detailed Meaning of "INRI" the Inscription in the Cross of Jesus Christ.

After Jesus Christ completed his work on earth, he was handed to the ruler of that time known as Pontius Pilate who judged and ruled that Jesus had to die.

However his death was more painful as he was crucified on the cross and between two thieves. Moreover, there was that inscription on the cross INRI that most people do not know it's detailed Meaning.

INRI are letters abbreviation that stands for Iesus Nazarenus rex ludaeorum. It was a latin word that was written by Pontius Pilate on the cross of Jesus.

The english translation for this is Jesus of Nazareth and the king of the Jews. This was a way of mocking Jesus.

In his life Jesus never used the title king of the Jews since it could be regarded as the rebellion by the Roman rulers. However this tittle was used by the wise men from the east who visited Mary after the birth of Jesus.

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