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Sing in bars and make money, Akorino Hezeh Ndung'u tells Gospel artistes

According to well-known Akorino Gospel singer Hezeh Ndung'u, there is no law or verse in the Bible that says a gospel performer must only sing in churches or at special events.

Mr. Ndung'u stated, "Personaly, I will sing anyplace to make money and I belong to church hence not fighting it...but for money I will sing even in bars," in a statement sure to inflame religious sentiments in a scandal-ridden sector.

According to Mr. Ndung'u, only God is righteous, and performing in bars does not render a gospel singer impure.

Recently, it has been commonplace to see pictures of Akorino believers singing in bars while wearing turbans; the performers occasionally even perform secular music.

As long as you "do not become part of the behaviors and statements outside the purview of Godly commands," Mr. Ndung'u remarked, he sees nothing wrong with it.

Even drinkers are our fans, according to Mr. Ndung'u, who told Jeff Kuria TV that "bars and booze do not sin, but we the humans do, thus I find no great deal in turning up there and presenting your concert."

"Don't act foolishly. Go and use your gift to live if singing in bars can provide for your needs, he said.

By claiming that "even God advocates for going out there in the field, leaving 99 sheep securely home in search for only one lost," he disproved the idea that bars contain the unclean and sinners.



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