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Spiritual Meaning Of Waking Up At 3AM

Waking up regularly all the time at night has a spiritual meaning. This condition of having sleepless nights at different hours of the night is a good indication that your body is sending you a message.

It is during the day that the body's energy passes through the meridians of the body. The meridians in the body, act as channels through which energy and vibrations are transferred to the entire body components to keep healthy.

It is whenever there is an alternative in the transformation of energy to the entire body system, that sleep disruption tends to occur.

At 1 AM, the body is always in deep sleep and it tries to recover from the previous day. This is the time that your body should be deeply asleep and relaxed to recharge the lost energy during the day. However, if you tend to wake up at this time of the hour, it means that your heart has accumulated worries, resentments, and fear. To exercise a balance between your and your consciousness, you should try to real in the evening before going to sleep.

At 2 AM, your whole body needs to relax. This is the time when your muscles need to loosen the tension and the negative energies absorbed during the day. Waking at this time is an indication that you are very tired, you worked so hard during the day and your body is tense. To prevent this, you need to dive into a hot shower and cool yourself with a hot or aromatic bath.

At 3 AM, it is called the switching or devil's hour. As time approaches this, something strange happens around us. It is at this that the mantle between the dead and the living becomes flimsy to allow the free passage between the two dimensions. This is the time where the ghosts, demons and other interventional creatures, creep into the world of the living to disturb the people while asleep.

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