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Pastor T Mwangi On Why He Refused To Pay Dowry For His Wife

If you frequently visit social media pages you must have come across pastor T Mwangi at some point. He is a pastor and a social media influencers who is well grounded to be distracted by neysayers.

Some minutes ago, he was on NTV wicked edition where he talked about Africanism and dowry payment. According to pastor T Mwangi, he said that dowry payment was a form of slavery back in the days which should not be operating in today's world.

He explained saying it is not advisable to negotiate on how much you will pay to have a woman since that is like buying or materializing her meaning she will never go back to her home. He added and said that he refused to pay dowry for his wife where he told the parents in their kingdom of God they don't buy human.

He said that it was not easy to convince the parents to accept that but they later agreed with him and the only thing he did was to appreciate them. He concluded by saying they are great friends with her parents and they are also his parents. What is your view on dowery payment. Watch the video below.

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