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4 Signs God Is About To Redeem You From Satan's Bondage

How do we find out what God's will is for us? Does He want us to remain, depart, carry out this or that? How can we be certain that He is answering our prayers and is actually about to make a difference in our lives?

Even though we don't have to guess what He has in mind for us, there are frequently a few indications that He's about to make a change. As we develop our spiritual discernment, we can learn to spot these indications so that we can pray over them and ask Him to confirm His will to us as we proceed.

1. You have a restless feeling.

It may be a sign that God is getting ready to transfer you to a new position of service if you have been serving in a certain ministry for years and then all of a sudden, the fire goes out and you no longer have the same desire to do so.

It's crucial to understand that this agitation differs from burnout. Overwork, worry, or exhaustion are not the cause. In most cases, nothing has changed externally, but your mental ideas and feelings about where you are have altered. Start praying and asking God why you're feeling that way as soon as you notice the difference. It might just be a phase that passes, but God might be getting ready to take you into a new season.

2. Doors are closing and things aren't working out.

God may be keeping you from new endeavors if doors keep closing for you and nothing you try seems to be working in that direction. This is because God likely has something else for you to do. Start praying and ask God to direct you to an open door when doors start closing and you're out of options and ideas.

Additionally, inquire of Him if there is anything He needs to accomplish internally to get you ready for that open door.

The Lord nearly always wants to prepare or prune us during times of transition so that we will be ready for our new season, and the sooner we start letting Him do that, the sooner we may move on to our next task.

3. Doors are opening and unpredictable opportunities are continuously popping up

It's typically a sign that God is preparing you for your new calling or season when things start to happen unexpectedly, such as new possibilities that you weren't expecting to find or unexpected relationships or connections that form. At first, it could seem complex, but as you start to explore new options, it quickly turns into something extremely exciting!

If you notice an unexpected door opening in the distance, move toward it in prayer. If it is from God, ask Him to keep it open; if not, ask Him to close it. He would readily grant you wisdom if you seek Him for it since He doesn't want you to be perplexed. (James 1:5)

4. You observe a recurring pattern or burden connected to my recent call.

God can be letting you know that a certain subject is connected to your new-season if it keeps coming up. God might be attempting to refocus your attention on a new course for your life if, for instance, you find that you suddenly start hearing about a particular place or if a new career or ministry keeps popping up in seemingly unrelated places.

Sometimes, we'll also start to feel a responsibility for something we hadn't before, and we'll be pulled to a certain field, ministry, line of work, or group of people. God frequently prepares our hearts for a new calling by making us feel a new burden.

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