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Secret Behind The Reason Why Jesus Resurrected After 3 Days and Lazurus Took 4 Days In The Tomb

The death and resurrection of Lazurus and Jesus Christ serve as illustrations of the corruptible and incorruptible according to biblical doctrine.

Numerous sermons from various pastors and spiritual authorities have demonstrated that only Jesus Christ has the authority to start the process of raising the dead to life.

This is because Lazurus had already turned into a corrupted or decayed person after remaining in the tomb for 4 days, as demonstrated in the Bible by the way He brought Lazurus back to life.

John 11:25

[25]Jesus said to her, I am [Myself] the Resurrection and the Life. Whoever believes in (adheres to, trusts in, and relies on) Me, although he may die, yet he shall live;

They were present when the stone was rolled away from the tomb (Matthew 27:60–61), and they returned because they were reminded of Jesus' promise to rise (Matthew 16:21).

The women went back to the tomb early on Sunday morning after the Sabbath was over. When they got there, a lot of strange things started to happen. A second earthquake followed by the appearance of an angel who removed the tomb's entrance stone and sat on it.

Mathew 25:1

Jesus Christ was automatically raised from the dead because He spent three days in the tomb, which means He wasn't already decayed or tainted.

What would have happened if He had spent longer than three days in the tomb? He would have remained in hell, making the quest to save humanity a failure.

In conclusion.

The only person still alive who possesses the sovereign ability to bring the deceased back to life is Jesus Christ.

Another point is that a dead person only becomes corruptible or decomposable after 3 days; after that, the body decomposes.

Last but not least, fervent prayer and strong faith can bring back from the dead someone who has not decomposed ( not overstayed in the tomb for more than 3 days)

Under strong faith, there is a chance that the deceased will come back to life.

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