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A Morning Prayer To Begin Your Day

When you pray before you begin a new day your are set for greatness. A morning prayer helps to refresh your body and soul. It also ensures that you will be led by God throughout the day. It is a way of getting closer to God everyday. A morning prayer is a way of thanking God for another chance to fulfill your dreams. Here is a morning prayer that you should say to God before your day;

Our heavenly father, you have given me the breath of life to witness a new day. As the world is made new and clean, I ask you to also make my heart new again and gjge me strength to carry on today. Kindly forgive me for all my mistakes that I committed yesterday. Bless me today so that I may walk in your ways. Today is the day that I do things differently. Make me a light so that anybody who encounters me may feel your presence in me. Be my provider so that I may have everything that I may require. It is through the mighty name of Jesus Christ that I do pray and believe, Amen.

You are now ready for a new journey. Thanks for praying. Kindly share this article with others so that you can give them hope for another day.

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