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Things That Happen When Jesus Comes To Visit You

It is a very remarkable opportunity to have an encounter with Jesus. Jesus can never leave you the same or less than He found you.

You will see your weaknesses. When Jesus visits you, you see his glory and we get to see for ourselves who we are. Jesus has a better understanding of what he is for he is the son of God.

You will discover who you are and what you need to know. God will reveal what we need to do. He knows our thoughts and wants us to do good things so that we cannot offend him.

Jesus will show that he loves us and that we are accepted by him. Our opportunities will be provided so that we can achieve great plans in life.

You will get clarity and direction. You will never be in a state of confusion when you meet Jesus. He will come to bring clarity when we are not sure about certain aspects of life.

You will learn more about Christ and what he has done for us. This is because the world we live in is a world where knowledge is key.

Jesus will teach us about the kingdom and about being born again. This is why we are advised to study the word of God. We will make decisions that will help us live righteously.

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