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The God's Commandment that everyone Has Committed

Christians are living by God's by the guide of the God's given Commandments. While this is true, it is hard for us to accept both of the ten commandments because of the nature of human mind and the world we live in. See the most broken Commandment of the ten.

Do not judge

This is the commandment number 7. The God commands us not to judge. This means we do not have to decide that this is good and this is a bad person. It looks like almost everybody is going against this God's commandment.

Even in the church service, the Pastor is very judgemental while preaching because he or she describes some people who do not attend church as sinners.

If you have ever talked about someone negatively, then it means you have gone agans this commandment.

Do not judge anything in your life. Just live t what is true to you without having conversations of other people's life styles. Let them live the way they feel like.

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