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Pastor Pius Muiru warns all Christians globally concerning prosperity Gospel!

Pastor Pius Muiru the founder of Maximum miracle center church has warned all Christians globally concerning the Gospel of prosperity. According to a recent sermon that he delivered on Sunday, Pastor Pius Muiru told the believers who are against the Gospel of prosperity to be careful to rest they will die in poverty.

He said that he has heard of many Christians who are against the Gospel of sowing in order to harvest. Muiru has asked believers to ask for understanding of the word of God because it clears that if you seek God's kingdom first, then prosperity is a guarantee. However, you must sow a seed first that will attract the kingdom's prosperity in your life. Muiru has made it clear that seed sowing includes diverse actions. Examples include serving in the church departments, seeking the Lord through prayers and supporting the church financially.

Muiru has condemned preachers and Christians who believe that their prosperity is stored up in heaven alone. He has asked them to trust in God who opens financial doors to His people. Muiru explained to the believers that God wants the best of us if we only believe in Him.

This message provoked the believers' perception with some agreeing and others disagreeing. What is your view concerning this?

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