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Catholic Believers Asked to Intervene and Save Vatican City or Else the Following Will Happen

Catholic Believers and as well as donors have been requested to intervene or else Vatican City will be declared bankrupt sooner than later.

According to new details that have been disclosed by the office of the Minister incharge of Finance, the Holy City is running out of funds.

This situation has been caused by the negative effects of the novel Corona virus pandemic that hit the city in a great way during these two years.

"This year the revenue has dropped. If we were a commercial or non-governmental organization (NGO) we would reduce our services and the number of employees. If we were a nation like any other, we would take out more loans and put in place other financial strategies. But for us, if we don't get funding, we will have to keep spending money from the emergency fund, ”Juan Antonio, Minister in charge of economic affairs said.

Catholics have since been requested to step in and save the situation in the mean time before normalcy returns when the economy will finally be saved from crumbling down through their financial support systems.

Vatican city majorly dies not source for financial loans like other countries in the world since their government is more of a Christian one than an economic system of government.

Pope Francis will also be affected in case the situation is not saved since it will mean that he will have to cut short his visits to other parts of the world to see how the church is growing and developing.

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