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Where Does God Want Us To Take Our Problems

In bitterness of soul, Hannah wept much and prayed to the Lord.” (1 Samuel 1:10)

Hannah knew where to take her problems – straight to God in prayer.

In this chapter, it says that Hannah had come up to the house of the Lord. Year after year she was there with her husband, offering sacrifices to God, and suffering ridicule under the actions of Peninnah who was Elkanah’s other wife.

How desperate of a situation this all was! Another woman who had all that she longed for. A husband who wanted to do the right thing, love, and take care of his bride, but had no control over giving her the child for which she so desperately longed.

But the truth is, it wasn’t all up to them, it never was. Just as our situations, no matter how desperate and broken they seem, aren’t all up to us to solve.

Sometimes we mistakenly think they are. Or we feel like we must have done something awful for “God to do this to us.” But that’s not the mindset God wants us to focus on; He just wants our eyes on Him.

Yes, I know that things are impossible it is possible to you O Lord.

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