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Satanic? Ambrose Otieno Reveals What They Wear Inside Freemasons Hall, Their Favourite Verses

Kenyans were on Sunday evening, treated to one of the most chilling narratives of the mysteries surrounding freemansons members.

In a candid interview with NTV, one of the members who have come out to publicly announce his membership as a freemason Ambrose Rachier annswered a number of questions surrounding the existence of the most secret society.

On how they wear while attending their meetings and services inside their secretive hall, Ambrose said they usually wear suits together with Aprons. He said the reasons they wear aprons is because they associate themselves with builders who build.

"Our society is like a policeman wearing uniforms when in job and takes off when they are off durty. We just wear suits and underneah we wear aprons. Aprons just symbolic masonry or building because we are builders in nature...even Christians or Muslims also have their own design clothes," he stated

He said although they dont invoke or mention the name of Jesus Christ while in their halls, they usually have a church parade once in a while where they do a preaching and read a bible.

He revealed that their favourite bible verses in that of King Solomon, which he said built a temple in Jerusalem for God. He said they love King Solomon because they are also builders. He added that they also read books of genesis, leviticus and exodus.

"We have preachers and we always read the bible, we are associated with the kings and king Solomon who built the temple in Jerusalem, because Freemasons are builders, Genesis, leviticus and Exodus are also a book we read most.

While dispelling fears and narratives that Freemasons are devil worshippers, Ambrose said they dont worship the devil and that there are many Christians, Muslims, atheists and other members of different societies who are in freemason

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