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Things That Will Guarantee Your Eternity

Many people in the current generation hopefully admire to be among the saints who will be raptured by the Messiah during his triumphant second coming, but it is so unfortunate that not all shall make it in the rapture. In this article there are few tips to secure you an opportunity to pass the judgement sit.

The first thing is that you must admit that you are a sinner. Taking for example, when a student is starving due to hunger at a college, that student will not receive any help unless the student accepts that he/she needs help. The same way we must accept that we are sinful and ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness via prayer.

The second step is to sincerely confess your sins and iniquities then accept Jesus Christ as your personal saviour as Paul commands in the book of Romans.

Then after that , live a righteous and holy life abstaining from all sort of sin.

Also you must also live a prayerfull life lest you fall into sin. Also repent frequently to keep yourself chaste and acceptable before the Lord . Thank you very much for your time.

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