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Nyeri Pastor Walks on the Streets Destroying Witch Doctor Posters

One of the Nyeri pastors took it to the streets of Nyeri town to dismantle all the posters of 'waganga' witchcrafts on the polls standing in Nyeri town and the surrounding areas. The pastor alleged that his decision was triggered by the religious events being paid for to be advertised and held especially in towns and centres whereas these people advertise their businesses for free on electric polls and even put other posters even near very big offices.

The lasted has urged all the people across the country to rise up and remove all those posters from their towns and other major cities and instead up lift the alter of Christ in those areas. These posters are found in and around towns in the country with the labels of traditional doctors on them and they usually target the desperate citizens who may be seeing sense in them, as a way of walking away from their mistery.

He pastor claimed that the rise of these posters in almost all the parts of the country is confusing many people who are Christians and they can get lured easily by the 'lies' which are being marketed. This comes at the time when the number of those who can attend a single church service is being reduced due to the pandemic which is ravaging our country and suppressing the economy even more. People have also come out to react and these are some of their reactions,

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