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Things That Happen When God Is About To Move You From Grass To Graze

This will happen if God raises you to a higher level in life. You will be corrected by God. When God leads you to a bigger blessing, the first symptom is correction. If you don't do anything against God's will, He will chastise you with a small setback, such as a job loss or income decrease, or unforeseen circumstances that nearly bankrupt you.

God, on the other hand, will not abandon him (Hebrews 23: 5), but He will punish everyone of his sons and daughters. Correction should take you in a new direction that is far superior than where you were previously.

Accept life as it comes, knowing that God will make the necessary adjustments to lead you to bigger rewards. Have faith in the process. God will lead you Divine directions are yet another sign that something new is about to enter your life. With his word, God illuminates your path. In the midst of life's darkness, the Bible is your center. Accept and fully trust the process, no matter what happens in your life, since it will lead you to a better place.

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