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10 Catholic Choir Song You Should Listen to

Catholic Church has some of the best choirs with some of the best songs ever composed. Most Catholic Church choir songs are usually composed to suit certain seasons in the church's calendar, eg the Period of Lent and Christmas. Most are also composed for different events during daily and Sunday masses, eg entrance, thanksgiving, offertory and Communion. In spite of that, there are also general songs by Catholic Choirs that can be listened to anytime, except that during mass, they can only be sang at a specific times that they fit. Without considering any of the periods and mass events, here are 10 Catholic Songs you should listen to this year. They are encouraging and generally just good gospel music to help you get through your difficult and as well as joyful moments and as well gives you a reason to keep your faith alive.

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1.Nimeahidi Yesu by Sauti Tamu

Nimeahidi Yesu is a traditional Swahili catholic hymn that has been sang over the years. The latest version of the song was done by Sauti Tamu Group and is currently on their YouTube Channel. Nimeahidi Yesu is an encouraging prayer and assurance song on Christians dedication to serve the Lord under any circumstance. It is one of those songs that give you a reason to stay rooted in Christ.

2.Niseme Nini by Bernard Mukasa and JBC Choir Bukoba Parish

Benard Mukasa is a popular and prolific composer and teacher of Catholic gospel songs. The song Niseme Nini is a soothing thanksgiving song that is barely two months old but has pleased so many listerners, me being one of them. I've personally listened to the song more than fifty times and still cannot get enough of it. The some is also available on YouTube.

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3.Mimina Neema by Mtakatifu Kizito

Mimina Neema was released in 2016 and has remained a hit. The song was produced by Rajo Productions and is under the management of the producer on YouTube. Mimina is a blessing song and is one of the most watched Catholic songs on YouTube at the moment. Currently the song has 17.6 million views on YouTube. Go watch it, you'll love it.

Photo: Mtakatifu Kizito Choir

4.Mwimbieni Bwana by Mwenyeheri Maria Theresa Ledochowska

Mwimbieni Bwana is another beautiful catholic song that you should listen to before the end of the year. The song was released in around 2013. It is a praise song asking Christians across the whole world to continue praising and singing the Lord.

5.Nikupe Nini by Catholic Union

Nikupe Nini is that one offertory song that would make you give everything you have in church. The song is one of the oldest Swahili Catholic hymns and has remained a classic offertory hymn in most catholic churches to date

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6.God of Mercy and Compassion

God of Mercy and Compassion is an English Catholic hymn used mostly during Seasons of Lent. It is a soft song used majorly for repentance and confessions.

7.Kongoi Mising by St. Peters Catholic Choir Kapsabet

Kongoi Mising has become a popular praise song and arguably the most popular Kalenjin Catholic song of all time in Kenya. Kongoi Mising is a thanks giving song. And the fact that it is a composition of Swahili and Kalenjin language makes its easier for all Choirs. It is also one of the most creative Catholic compositions I've ever heard "Kongoi Mising" means "Thank you So Much"

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8.Haya Tazemeni by St. Cecilia Choir

Popularly known as Anaweza is a common thanks giving song in many catholic churches not only in Kenya but the whole of East Africa. The song proclaims greatness and power of God in making the impossible become possible.

9.Nimevipiga Vita by Kisii Cathdral

Nimevipiga Vita is a song adapted from the Bible, the book of 2nd Timothy 4:7. "I have fought a good fight. I have finished the race and have upheld the faith.." The song is usually sang after a tiring long journey or mission to accomplish a goal.

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10.Ni Mmoja by Benard Mukasa and Mtakatifu Kizito Makuburi Choir.

Ni Mmoja is one song that gets me dancing all the way. The song is a general thanksgiving one, that you can listen to especially when meditating on the good things God has done in our life.

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