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Church Leader Orders Crackdown on Gayism

The head of African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) in Kenya, Archbishop Julius Njoroge has ordered a crackdown on gays in the church.

He said any church faithful who is practicing same sex would not be tolerated and ordered church bishops to take action against any faithful or member of the clergy practicing or promoting same sex.

The church leader did not categorically state what action would be taken such members, but in his homily, he suggested ex-communication of such individuals.

Addressing church faith at faithful at St Rosary AIPCA Kiithe in Meru county, he said the practice went against biblical teachings and was not tolerated in the African culture.

He said even though a recent court ruling declared that gays in the country could form their own societies, such would not be welcomed in the church since they could erode the morals of others.

 “Whoever is preaching about gayism, I declare an order that an action be taken against that member of my church. It is against our teachings and the doctrines of faith of our church. Our church practices good morals but same sex is against our African cultural practice,” ordered the church head.

“Any member who practices gayism, because gays and lesbians were given authority to form their society, if anyone is a member of that chama, the bishop must take immediate action against that member,” he added.

The archbishop said the church had the moral responsibility to churn out good Christians and thus would not welcome anyone introducing teachings that went against the Bible.

Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi who was also present decried increase in gender based violence like FGM and killings and urged the church to help guide faithful to know the right ways and spiritual guidance.

He said what was happening was a reflection of what the members of society had learnt or had been exposed to.

The governor said bitter attacks on social media by the youth and acrimonious ends to relationships pointed to lack of spiritual guidance and urged the church to fill the void.

“There is a big role that the church should play in guiding the society. There is something that our society is losing as it develops,” he said.

Mr Murungi however decried emergence of clergymen with questionable past being ordained to head churches and preach the gospel.

 “We have seen people who have been convicted of robbery with violence or other heinous crimes coming out of jail and founding churches and declaring themselves bishops. Buying a uniform cannot make you a bishop,” he said.

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