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Sigh of Relief to The Police Who Raided JCC Church Amid Mix Decisions by The Clergymen [Videos]

The police officers who raided the Jesus Celebration Centre(JCC) in Ongata-Rongai today may have a reason to smile after a favourable decision by the church clergymen. They may be as well sinking in uncertainty due to another demand made by the same clergy today after the raid.

Police raid at JCC- Ongata Rongai today morning.(Photo/Facebook)

In a statement made at the church few hours after the raid,National Chairman for Churches and Clergy Bishop Hadson Ndida called on the Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiangi to take a quick action on the police who took that unimaginable action.

The bishop said they have a circular given by the same ministry after the President placed the new Covid-19 containment measures in place that allows pastors to carry out a live service with support team of a maximum number of 15,noting the Pastor attacked by police was only having 12 members.

"We condemn in strongest terms possible what happened today. I want to ask the police whether we have two governments because we have a circular from the government of Kenya that allows a Pastor to organise a live session with a support team of upto 15 people, the pastor was only having 12. We asked CS Matiangi to take action to those police officers involved," Ndida said.

Bishop Hadson Ndida speaking about the incident at JCC-Ongata Rongai church today.(Photo/Facebook)

He also condemned the actions of sending of a Pastor from the alter and taking charge with a gun, claiming that such cases have also been reported in Mlolongo, Seweto and Kayole in the past few weeks since President Uhuru's new orders took charge. The bishop made a suprise revelation that for one such cases, they had to part ways with Ksh.10,000 for the pastor to be left free.

However, the 4 police officers involved may have a reason to smile as Rev. Zula(Chairman Embakasi Pastor Association) asked fellow clergymen to pray for the police involved so that God may "somehow" forgive them,saying that an altar is an holy place that only the "blessed" are allowed to step on.

"An altar is a holy place. Why didn't you wait and summon him like you do to the MPs? He is also a Honourable man of God. This is unwarranted, but we will pray that God somehow does not punish the said police officers," he said.

Click the link below to watch the clergymen in a video shared by JCC-Ongata Rongai in their Facebook page

The said police officers had earlier today,Sunday, raided the JCC Rongai church with guns dazzling as their stoped Rev. Marabu who was offering a sermon that was being aired on live TV for online viewers. Those following the service must have been left worried following the police raid before the church gave officials statements about what had transpired.

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