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Dramatic Scene In Church As Pastor Spits Saliva On His Hand Smeared It On Congregant's Face

Churches are fast rising in the country and in the whole world at large. People nowadays open churches for different reasons with some doing it for material gain while others do it for spiritual purpose.

Speaking of churches, a pastor has been seen online spitting on his hands and then rubbing his saliva on the faces of one of his congregation in what he termed as illustrating God's miracle on faithfuls.

Michael Todd, the pastor at Transformation Church in Oklahoma was seen in a viral video that is surfacing online doing the awful act.

He allegedy called a congregant forward made a spit and rubbed the spit on his face as the other congregants immediately responded in disgust. The pastor said that their response is an example of how people react when God is doing something great in your life.

In defensive response, the pastor said that he has watched the video and noted it was disgusting and asked has since asked for forgiveness.

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Michael Todd Oklahoma Transformation Church


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