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10 Reasons Why People Feel Lost in Life

Often you feel loss, disappointment, weakness and a lot of hesitation. In this case, you must resort to God and pray and then return to yourself, and what you are in fact. Here puts behind you everything that life puts on you from changes. You go back to the pure, hidden person inside you to discover yourself again.

But why did we feel this bad feeling at first? Have you ever asked yourself why you feel so painful? Often your soul is lost in the mazes of life and you do not feel that your heart is relaxed for everything you do. You feel that you often choose the wrong way. You have also moved far away from God and your soul is trying to return. This article will contain as much detail as you need to find out why you feel unhappy sometimes.

1 .Loss of contact with spirit and heart:

One of the basic reasons why a person feels lost in life is that he does not become in good contact with his heart and soul. Because he distracts a lot of attention from the logical things of the mind and what everyone around him says. When he can not hear his inner voice and cannot hear the voice of wisdom from his soul, he becomes miserable in this life.

2. Living on the beliefs of others:

There are some people who believe in beliefs too much. So living a life is not their life. They take the opinions of those around them and apply them to their lives only because they believe in the views of those around them, such as family, friends, teachers or society, in customs and traditions (very different from religious beliefs).

You should not believe in anything that you can easily take from people's minds. Do not listen to what they say and do not mimic what they do before you cross the barrier of thinking, restrictions and filters in your mind. You must analyze and think and put your mark on everything you do to come from you and not just a blind tradition.

3 .Give value to the opinions of others above your own mind:

Even if you have many people with reliable opinions and wisdom that do not disappoint, you should not let their opinions outweigh your importance.

I do not say do not take the opinions or advice of others but do not implement without thinking or analysis.

4.Fear governs everything in your life:

One of the most important reasons that may make you feel lost and disappointed is fear. The hearts of these people are closed, surrounded by fear from all sides, and they are the rulers controlling their lives. Simply fear makes your life constrained and unhappy.

Although one of the most important engines in human life is love and fear, this fear is satisfactory and inappropriate for coexistence. So if you want to feel better you have to get rid of your fear.

5 . Distorted internal voice:

Sometimes your inner voice is the cause of distortion of your life and everything you do not want. The problem is that human involvement in the living excessively may distort his inner sense, and sometimes even deceive him. You must then return to the assets and main goals that you set for yourself. So it's a good idea to write every day with note, wisdom or anything that may remind you of what you should do from the start.

6 .Surround yourself with people who make things worse:

Spending a lot of time with passive people is one reason you feel lost. When you are accompanied by people pulling you down, they are constantly complaining, blaming others and feeling victimized. They are thus broadcasting a lot of negativity, doubts and fears.

Always try to surround yourself with positive people who are filled with vitality, activity and passion. You must surround yourself with those who broadcast in you the spirit of creativity and challenge and help you in a positive and effective way to overcome all the obstacles that face you, whether psychological or realistic.

7 .They believe every bad idea that comes to mind:

A brain is a great tool but it has been used well. If you use it wrongly, it may turn your life into hell because the mind works with a very simple logic. And whatever you are positive thoughts may occur and come up with some negative ideas such as fear of failure or loss and this in itself can destroy your world. So you should not listen to the negative thoughts that your subconscious mind conveys.

8. Thinking that logical things are more important than fiction:

Imagination is usually better than reality and may give you a lot of positive solutions to your problems. But sometimes it is related to reasons and logic so much that the imagination is forgotten and what it can do. Ask yourself a lot of questions about the reasons and the logic of things happening. But in fact, we seek in this world in search of ourselves and we do not have the result or even may not see the end of the road clearly.

9.Attachment to the past.

The past may be so beautiful that we forget the present but this is often not true. All you have to do to make a change in the future or even to be happy in the future is to take care of the present and make it better. All we have to change is the present and you must remember it well.

10.Try to control everything and reach perfection:

We must agree that perfection and idealism are for God alone and not for us to attain perfection. But the problem starts when we think we can control everything and everyone. This creates a lot of imbalance in life and not feeling complacent.

You should also feel happy and rejoice and be happy.

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