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Morning Prayer. Today's message;how to overcome temptations.

Paryer is a powerful tool to overcome temptation. 1st Corinthians 10:13 ,the Bible indicate that God is faithful,he will not allow you to be tempted over your strength, but He will provide you means and ways to escape through. Let this be your prayer each morning. Seek God's knowledge and trust in Him.

According to today's science,it is estimated that 96% of your brains activities are unconscious ( taking place without your awareness) ,meaning that the 4% remaining is mainly used in decisions making, controlling your emotions,actions and behaviours activities that lies beyond Conscious awareness.Your mind almost controls 100% of your activities.Having a positive mind will help you from having negative thoughts ,negative actions and overcoming temptations which are negative desires. Have thoughts to things that makes you happy and accept everything that happens in your life. From simple definition;temptations are desires you have ,to do something especially which is wrong or unwise. This desires comes from our mind and fresh. So having a positive mind will help you you overcome evil desires.

Sometimes when you stay idle there are high chances of you being tempted doing something you were unwilling to do. Involving most of your free time with friends,relative ,family and your mentors helps you from staying idle. You can also us you free time to reflect on your life,all that the Lord has granted to you love, blessings and gift of life.

Temptations comes mainly for fresh desires,satan and worldly pressure. First begin by understanding yourself in terms of strength and weakness. This will confine you of what to get involved in and what to avoid. Try to avoid your fresh desires which can lead you to temptations. Proverbs 3:7 ;the Bible warns us against being impressed with our own wisdom, but fear the Lord and depart from evil.

Set you mind postive , avoid idleness,understand yourself , pray and you will see change in your life.

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Corinthians Morning Prayer Paryer


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