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The 'Hidden' Books That Were Removed From The Bible & The Person Who Did So

Several books of the Bible have been taken out of circulation. The Greek word apocrypha means "those that are concealed," which describes all the books that were removed from the Bible.

The books were removed from the Bible by Martin Luther.

Because they didn't fit Luther's idea of "what God genuinely wanted," he cut seven books out of the Bible and parts of three more.

Please specify which biblical books he removed.

Books that are not included in the canonical Bible. The books of Tobit, Judith, and the Maccabees are examples of them (1 and 2). Wisdom from Solomon and Sirach, compiled in a book called Ecclesiasticus.

What motivated Luther's behavior?

He said he kicked them out because they were celebrating Judaism, and that their presence was a threat to the Catholic Church's authority.

Martin Luther hoped that the Bible would validate his theological assertions. In order to preserve his theory that salvation is via faith alone, he opted to remove Hebrews, James, and Jude from the New Testament.


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