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God's Word For You Today: The Lord Will Protect You In Times Of Calamity.

Today’s massage.

NIV, 2 Thessalonians 3:3

But the Lord is faithful, who shall establish you, and guard you from the evil [one].

God has been known as the protector of mankind since time at which the first man Adam was staying in the garden of Eden until now, because he love and cares a lot about human beings. He has a lot of strength that are limitless and beyond human imagination and understanding, it is his strength that he uses to protect people.

Many people have so many problems that they are facing today in this world, this is because the evil one has sweared to make life unbearable as long as we live in this world. However the Lord has seen that it is good if He fights for those who loves him and obey him.

The Bible reminds us today that the Lord is faithful at all times, there is no place in this world where he cannot reach because he is everywhere at the same time. We should always learn to have faith in him by praying and believing in him.

The evil one has caused people so much pain, he always causes accidents and deaths everywhere in many parts of our country, because that is his main agenda in this world, but the Lord who is faithful has had mercy on his people and he has come to protect us from the wrath of the evil one.

We therefore should rejoice and praise his holy name every time, whether we are at our workplaces or at home because he has guarantee our safety in this world for free. If human beings were in charge of our security then we would have paid a lot of money to be safe today, but the Lord has faithful guarded us for free.

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