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"Jesus I Trust In You" Why St. Faustina Is Associated With The Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Catholic church is known for praying the rosary and believing in it as the strongest way of presenting your grievances to God. There's the ordinary rosary which is composed of five mysteries and ten hail Marys in every decade. Then the other one is called divine mercy chaplet which is made up of short prayers. On the five large beards instead of saying the mysteries, we have this prayer " Eternal father, I offer you body and blood, soul divinity of your dearly beloved son in attornment of our sins and those of the whole world." The other part of hail Mary beads we say " For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world." 

This chaplet is associated with St. Faustina who received it in form of a vision. One of the Catholic diaries reveals that this is a unique prayer since it was given to us by Christ himself. Sister Faustina had the first experience during her prayers when she heard it via an interior voice. Then she said in words and at that time saw an angel sent by God on earth to punish the world for sins. 

The next time, Jesus Christ himself showed her how to pray the rosary and clearly explained it's importance. It's said that Jesus told Faustina that whoever says the prayer even at the point of death he will be saved from agony. To spread the miraculous vision and deeds, Faustina decided to publish more materials containing this prayer which at the moment are being supplied by the church for free. The first book was entitled " Divine Mercy,We Trust In You" That's why you see various pictures of Jesus with the word "Trust."

Today many Catholics believe that this prayer performs miracles and indeed it's true. It's recited by billions of people across the world, imploring mercy for themselves. Whenever you're facing a difficult moment, remember this rosary and you'll be saved. 

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