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Atheists In Kenya (AIK) Want This Cardinal And His Fellow Clergymen Arrested

Atheists in Kenya (AIK) is calling for the arrest of Catholic leaders who led the Palm Sunday mass. The atheists say that they should be arrested for disregarding the government's directives of social distancing.

Atheist society chairperson Harrison Mumia in a statement on Sunday said the priest stood less than one meter away from each other while administering holy communion.

Atheist in Kenya (AIK) noted that one of the priests was holding a microphone next to the other using his hand during a mass held at the holy family basilica in Nairobi.

They called for the arrest of Catholic Church leadership that conducted the mass. Attending the mass was his eminence Cardinal Bishop John njue among other clergy members.

The atheist says they expected the church to be at the leading stand in the fight against this demon coronavirus.

The leaders of the catholic church should take a leading role in practicing social distancing, Harrison said. This is to ensure Kenyans many of who are Christians can heed to the call and stay away from each other.

Atheist in Kenya (AIK) noting athletes who were found training in a group violating social distancing rules in marakwet were also arrested.

They started that the Catholic church leaders should not be treated any better than the athletes and that stun action should be taken towards them.

Social distancing should not just be a buzz word.

Social distancing is a tool that public health officials and experts from all over the world recommend to slow the spread of the disease that is being passed directly from one person to another.

Social distancing is critical in flattening the curve by easing pressure on health care providers until the cure or vaccine for the virus is developed.

The atheist society is expecting action to be taken against the clergymen who disregarded the government's directive.

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