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Message Of Encouragement From The Book Of Mathew.

No matter who we are or how strong our faith and commitment are,we can all at times use encouragement.This also means that someone you may know may be in need of it,as well.God is calling you today ,you have tried everything but now it is time to try God.The love of Christ for all people should be the message that everyone should have in their hearts.

Mathew 17:1-9 records an episode of Christ and his close disciples,James ,John and his brother went up the mountain to speak with God.Jesus transfigured before them and they saw him in all glory and might.Moses and Elijah also appeared and conversed with Jesus Christ.And as the disciples were marveled by this happenings,a great voice from heaven spoke,"This is My beloved son,in whom I am pleased ,Hear him".

The Lord Himself spoke from the heavens encouraging the disciples to listen to Jesus Christ,He is pleased with Him.Today in our society challenges come every day and torment us endlessly,in our suffering we end up forgetting God's love.We do not know who to turn to and trust.The book of Mathew encourages you as a Christian to listen to Jesus Christ the son of God for the Lord is pleased with him.

At first the disciples with Jesus were terrified of the Lords presence but Jesus touched them and told them,"Do no be afraid".You should also not be afraid of what others will say about you,you should not be afraid of living a righteous life,you should not be afraid of the challenges of life because Jesus Christ is telling you not to be afraid.Lean unto him and he will touch your heart,you shall have no fear anymore.

If God truly is in your heart then love will overflow in your heart because God is love.Remeber to always walk with Him because He never walks away.Fill your heart with the love of God and everything else will follow.Be blessed.

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