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I Was Accused Of Devil Worshipping After A person Took A Photo Of Me Shaking Hand With A Monkey

A pastor identified as Ayub has revealed how one of his church members took a photo of him when he was shaking hands with a trained Monkey and used it against him to convince other church members that he is a devil worshiper.

He was raised in a church where they used to cover their heads with a turban. After completing his studies, he felt that he had a calling of Serving God. He became a pastor and later was anointed to become a reverend.

He was stationed in Nyeri and he was serving God well and many people gave their lives to Christ. One day they held a Kesha, and one man decided to leave the church at 3 am since he had to go to work early in the morning.

On his way home he met some thugs who wanted to steal his phone. When he tried to resist they killed him that's when those people who were against him started accusing him of devil Worshiping. One of his friends who owned a restaurant invited him with his fellow church leaders for lunch.

When they were working around the owner of the hotel showed them a Monkey he had trained and had painted red. He shook his hand with the monkey and one of the men took him a photo which he used to convince people that their pastor is a devil worshiper.

The following Sunday, only 20 members attended the church out of 80 members. It broke his heart to see people who he has helped pulling him down. He asked them to go back and look for another church. He met another from AIPCA who welcomed him into the church and that's how he removed the turban and joined the church where he is a pastor.

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