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Morning Encouragement Before Starting Daily Duties

Reaching new levels isn’t always easy.Sometimes God will use people, new experiences, and even uncharted territory to nudge us out of our comfort zones. You may be facing a career change or an important decision about your future.

Remind yourself that you have everything it takes. Reach deep inside of your bag and unpack what God has placed inside of you. Your faith may feel as if it’s being tested and pushed to the extreme.

Remember, it’s the trial of your faith that brings out the lasting character in your life and builds confidence you cannot attain any other way.

The only difference between a piece of coal and a precious diamond is the pressure it has endured. It is the pressure that it is under that turns that ordinary piece of coal into a rare and priceless jewel.

The truth is the pressure you may be facing isn’t going to break you—it’s going to make you. It’s going to develop you and give you the experiences you need to build your confidence.

Honor God and believe you have what it takes to shine brightly for Him.

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