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"I Said What I Said" Duale Sends Warning To Muslim Women To Wear Hijabs Or Leave Kenya

Aden Duale, the defence cabinet secretary, has stepped up to defend his comments against Muslim women who wear hijabs.

Duale said in a tweet that his comments were intended exclusively for Muslims who understood what he was saying. Duale claimed that he would not apologize for speaking the truth about how crucial it is for Muslim women to uphold religious principles.

"I was speaking to Muslims, who are very certain that I expressed nothing but the truth. I'm still proud to be Muslim. And on behalf of Islam, which is more powerful than all of us. I stated my opinion.

Like all other world faiths, Islam is a way of life with guiding principles that its followers must uphold. There is no way around that, "On Tuesday, December 20, Duale remarked.

Additionally, he noted that stereotypes about Muslims had developed over time, emphasizing the importance of working together to combat terrorism.

"Religious hypocrisy is the basis of extremism, which has long resulted in stereotypes, segregation, and, in the worst cases, the murder of sincere Muslims.

He declared, "The men and women concealing their ulterior goals in kanzus and hijabs must be exposed for the charlatans that they are.

Duale issued a warning to instructors not to force Muslim females to take off their hijabs while they are in class while speaking at the Sir Ali Muslim Club at the International Quran Competition's debut.

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