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Aides Reveal What Pope Benedict Said, Just Hours Before His Death

It's truly nourishing on the kind of influence on which faithfuls get, more so from the religious leaders. However when it comes to the roles a pope plays, it cuts deeply in serving humanity in the best possible way and for this we're not going to cease acknowledging them.

Its for this reason that the popes are truly with alot of honor very endeared. However, it's also the exact opposite and sorrow kicks in when a pope passes on. The emeritus pope Benedict will truly be remembered for his amazing deed to christians worldwide.File photo: Benedict's body lying in for viewing

He had truly been a loving figure. This was not only seen in his life but even moments before he passed on. As recounted by his close aides who had spent the last moments with him, the picture of the last scenes around him were on the media shared today.

Pope Benedict had been heard uttering words in Italian language which is translated, " Lord, I love you." Currently, the body of Benedict lies in the state as Christians continue trooping in from all over the world, to pay their respects in the set three days period.


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