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Say These Psalms Everyday If You Want God To Bless You With Abundant Money

Psalms 1

The lucky individual doesn't hang around with criminals or sinners or eat with the filthy.

His haughtiness, however, is not beyond the bounds of what God will accept, and he is always mindful of the latest developments in society when he is working on new principles.

And like a tree that has been strategically placed next to a river or stream, his efforts will bear fruit at the proper time of year, his leaves will not droop, and his fruit will be healthy and ripe.

Dishonest people aren't like trash that can be easily blown away in the wind.

This suggests that the unrighteous won't be present at the judgment, and that lawbreakers won't be mingling with the righteous.

Because God is on the good path, evil schemes inevitably fail.

Psalm 30

O Lord, I am prepared to sing praises there because you have exalted me and not honored my foes.

I know I have to resist the pull of the abyss, but O Lord, you have redeemed my soul from the depths of hell; you have preserved my life.

Whoever has realized the value of his name should be praising him.

For his suffering to be temporary; to know that support may be found in leaning; for his tears to endure only a night and his laughter to usher in the day.

I've also promised myself that I won't back down, no matter how successful I get.

My mountain has stood the test of time because of you, King; you have veiled your face, and I was once hidden.

O Lord, I pleaded with you; I praised you.

If I'm doomed to the gutters no matter what, there's no use in risking my life, right? How much do you think the crumbs will shower you with? Believe that it will aid you in being truthful in all that you do.

Lord, look down from heaven and save me; look at me with favor and give me your blessing.

By taking off my restrictive garments and guiding me with such elation, my grief has been transformed into action.

As a result of my respect for you, I want to stop being modest and start appreciating you openly. God, Lord, I'm always up for expressing my appreciation for what you've done.

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