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3 Things That Will Happen When God Is Preparing You For a Love That Will Last

Here are Three things God often uses to prepare a man and a woman to have a lasting love for each other.

1. A difficult season of Trials before you two even meet will often be used to prepare you both to have a love that will last for each other once you do meet. So often the reason a relationship becomes toxic, is because the man and woman were not prepared for the relationship before it even started.

As the old Sports saying goes; Championship are not won during the game, Championship are one in practice. This means that if you don't train hard and prepare for the challenge you have already lost that challenge before it even came into your life.

When you have been delivered from storms in your past, it prepares you to have Hope in God during the storms that will come in the future.

If your Character and Spiritual maturity in Christ is not high. Before you get into a relationship it will be very difficult to have a lasting love. Once you do enter into a relationship in kindness because God wants you to have a lasting love one day. In a relationship often times God will put you and your future spouse through a difficult of personal growth.

2. When God teaches you how weather the storms of life rather than always trying to run from storms, He is also preparing you to have a love that will last.

If you want to have a deep lasting love with someone that will endure for years and years, you have to change your mindset towards Problems, Issues and Storms.

3. When God teaches you that commitment is the form to lasting passion but Passion can never be the Fuel to lasting commitment, He is also Preparing you to have a Lasting Love.

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